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Frequently Asked Question - Florence City Bike Tour

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Q: Is it safe to cycle in Florence?

A: Absolutely, florence has joined many cities worldwide to become a more cycle friendly city to be enjoyed by locals and travelers alike.

Cycle paths have been introduced on a continual basis around the city with ever expanding cycle lanes being added all the time.

Our bike tour of florence makes use of all available bike paths and green belts.

Q: Who can sign up for our city bike tour?

A: Anyone from the age of 16 upwards, as long as one can cycle a bicycle confidently.

Please note Florence City Bike Tours (Active Tours Italy S.r.l.) will refuse any potential client participating if any of our guides feel that a client is not 100% confident on a bike. No exceptions. Strictly no expectant mothers.

Q: How much does the tour cost & what is included?

A: The tour costs €35 students, €39 non students. (Valid student id required).

The tour includes a wonderful guide to show you the sights + comfy cruiser bike + gelato.

Q: What is the duration of our bike tour?

A: 2.5 hours approx.

Q: What if it rains? Will the tour run?

A: We run rain or shine.

Please note If it rains heavily before the tour we will make a call based on safety to run or not. If it is light drizzle we will run the tour.

Q: What should I wear?

A: Comfortable loose clothing with sneakers, bring a light jacket or a golf in case it gets chilly.

Please note Flip-flops are not advised.

Q: What is the seasonal timetable of our bike tours?

A: We run from March to November. 9:30am- 12:00pm and 5:30pm - 8:00pm. (Other dates available on request)

Q: What form of payment is accepted?

A: Credit Card or Cash at the office.

We offer a full day bike tour of Tuscany in Chianti, provide 24-speed custom bikes, lunch and a safe guided ride for €80.