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Frequently Asked Question - Tuscany Bike Tour

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Q: How much does the bike tour cost.

A: Students (valid student i.d. required) €75.00 - non students €85.00. The Student rate is only available to full-time students under 26years of age. Part time language courses do not qualify for the student rate.

Q: What are the requirements to participate in the bike excursion? (IMPORTANT INFO!)

A: Our bike tour is not for advanced bikers and you don't have to be mega fit to do this tour. However it is imperative that one can manage a bicycle on main roads with traffic and has the ability to ride a bicycle confidently and responsibly. Please note.* There will be no discount in such cases. Van support daily

Q: What is included in the price?


  • Castle visit with wine and oil "tasting".
  • Use of bicycle and safety helmet.
  • Free Tuscany bike tours water bottle.
  • Full lunch.
  • Plenty of photo opportunities.
  • Free map of hot spots in town to eat & drink.
  • Gratuities are not included. (Please tip your guide if you feel they have provided a good service).

Q: Is it possible to be picked up?

A: No, Individual pickups are not possible.

Q: What age groups are catered for?

A: We welcome all age groups; however we do suggest that children must be able to ride an adult sized bike comfortably (minimum age 10) to make the experience an enjoyable one.

Please Note Minimum age of 10 years old. No expectant mothers please. (non cycling participants welcome) Please email us for details.

Q: Do we cater for special dietary needs?

A: We can accommodate vegetarians or vegans.

Please Note If special care is needed as regards to food i.e. (diabetics/allergies) please let us know in advance and we will endeavor to accommodate you.

Q: Is it possible to meet the tour at your starting point rather than in Florence?

A: Please leave a note in the comments section when you booking about where you will be coming from and we will forward on details of time and directions.

Q: Do you provide E-bikes?

A: Yes, we do provide e-bikes for an extra cost of €35. At least 24 hours notice is required. If you are interested, please contact us

Q: What clothes should I wear?

A: If it's overcast or a bit fresh we do suggest you to bring maybe a pullover or light wind breaker. However we do suggest Casual and loosely fitted clothing with trainers or jogging shoes for the tour. All our bikes come fitted with a rear trunk bag so you can store personal items.

Please Note: Flip-flops are not advisable.

Q: Do I have to be fit to do the tour?


Our tour is slowly paced with plenty of pauses and water breaks along the way. Remember it's a bike ride not a race. And we guarantee a thoroughly enjoyable day. We want you to enjoy the tour to the full, however a basic level of fitness is required and if you have any doubts about your physical ability maybe go visit a general practitioner. Van support available

Q: How Difficult is the ride?

A: The ride is 13 miles, 23 kilometers loop ride. There is one short but difficult hill 950 meters long, (depending on your level of fitness this can be quite a challenge). The rest of the terrain is fairly flat and meandering country roads. The bicycles we have hand picked all have 27 gears and are equipped with low gears for hill climbs. You can ride at your own pace without feeling pressured. There are lots of opportunities along the way to stop and rest and take photos. (The hill is optional) van support available.

Q: Will the tour be cancelled if it rains on the day?

A: We run the tour rain or shine. Please bring suitable rain gear in case of inclement weather. If it is forecast for rain on the day of your tour, we strongly reccommend turning up for the bike tour as the weather forecast is 99% of the time wrong.

We ask participants to show up on the day of their tour even in the event of rain. A no show will incur full cost of the tour. If the tour is cancelled due to bad weather, no payment will be taken.

Please Note: If we feel the weather is too severe to run the tour it is at our sole discretion to cancel the tour. Please read terms and conditions.

Q: What form of payment is accepted?

A: We accept credit cards or cash at our office.

Q: Is a deposit required?

A: A deposit is not required. Please note *. No payment is taken at the time of booking. A credit card is taken as a guarantee at the time of booking. Payment is taken at our office by credit card or cash on the day of your tour. Please read terms and conditions as this information is very important. Students can avail of the student price at our office at the time of booking. Valid i.d. required. Under 26 years of age full time students

Q: What is the cancellation policy?

A: Please read terms and conditions

Q: Is there an option to buy wine and oil on the bike tour?

A: Yes it is possible, our bike tour avails of discounted sales prices of up to 50% compared to city center prices.

Please Note: Tuscany bike tours (active tours italy s.r.l.) is not responsible for wine or oil sold. i.e, breakages, Shipping or loss of items.

We offer a full day bike tour of Tuscany in Chianti, provide 24-speed custom bikes, lunch and a safe guided ride for €80.